"Discipleship Training #18
What the Topical Memory System
Can Do For You!

This memory system has changed my life in a real way!

Discipleship training Lesson #18-What the Topical Memory System Can Do For You!

This is an ongoing work in progress. While I am writing these articles on discipleship, I am actually doing these same things with other men on a regular basis. Spiritual reproduction is my goal with them. I want them to be able to teach these things to another man that God gives to them. That is the principle of disciplemaking in 2 Timothy 2:2. "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others."

Visualize if you would that you are sitting across from me in a restaurant, and we are having an exciting conversation about making disciples.

I would suggest getting a three ring binder notebook for your new disciple, print all these pages as you work with your disciple, so that they may reproduce this in the life of another.

Psalm 119:11 " Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. "

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Discussion Questions for this page.


•Freedom from anxiety. Memorizing and meditating on God's Word will help you overcome worry. You can experience God's perfect peace by having His promises written on your heart.

•Victory over sin. God's Word hidden in your heart is the sword of the Spirit, available for battle at any time against sin and Satan.

Topical Memory System - Cost is $10.40 ordered directly from The Navigators.

Hide God's Word in Your Heart

If you want to memorize Scripture, but aren't sure what to memorize after you have finished any other program on memory, this is exactly what you need. These packages include memory verse cards in four different Bible versions—NIV, KJV, NASB, and NKJV.

Begin now to hide His word in your heart. •Confidence in witnessing. One of the five series of verses in the Topical Memory System will give you a workable plan for sharing the gospel.

•Spiritual fitness. Scripture memory will help you keep spiritually fit. You will experience immediate benefits and become better equipped to meet future needs and opportunities.

If you don't think so, consider all the information you know by heart—your address and phone number, all the people you know by name, details about your job, facts and figures about your favorite sport or hobby, and so on. You see, your memory is pretty good after all. Anything is easy to memorize when you really have an interest in it. This kit includes the 72-page Navigators Scripture Memory Course book, verse cards in four versions (KJV, NIV, NASB, and NKJV) and a handy wallet to hold the cards currently being memorized.

Here are some helpful hints on what you will learn in this course. You will learn how to review your verses on a daily basis. You will learn that you can really consider a verse to be memorized after you have reviewed it daily for seven weeks. You will find if you do this, then you will have the verse for life. You will also learn how to establish a "back" review of your old verses and how to periodically review them to keep them fresh.

To learn a verse, you need to quote it out loud and write it out on a piece of paper. Quote the reference "fore" and "aft". Learn it in small phrases at a time, and it is helpful to have a review partner to help you. You will also learn that it is a great witnessing tool, since you can hand the cards to anyone you know, and ask them to check out your memory.

Set yourself a goal of how many verses you want to memorize each week. If it is one, then at the end of seven weeks, you will have seven. If it is three a week, then you will have 21 in your current verse pack. After you have reviewed them for seven weeks, take out the oldest three and place them in another verse box that you review at least once a month. That will keep them sharp.

You may order from this link directly from the Navigators. Topical Memory System.
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Discussion Questions for this page.

1. Make a list of all the Bible verses you can remember that have to deal with memory and meditation. Use a concondance or do a search on the Internet.

2. Pick out some key verses and begin to memorize them for your own personal growth.

3. Discuss with your mentor or the person you are mentoring, the importance of Scripture memory. Get in the habit of reviewing each other's verses, and remind each other often to keep going on this discipline.

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