I'm so lonely,
I sent myself some email!

We live in a lonely world!

In our crammed packed lives, full of activities, programs, and events, many folks find themselves very lonely.

After spending a couple of years on line, and visiting various places on the internet, and receiving a lot of email from folks, I have concluded that loneliness is a major problem.

I have never sent myself an email because of loneliness, but ask yourself this question. When you open up your email folder, which letters do you read first? I would imagine if you are like me, and you open up the letters from your friends and acquaintances first.

We long for personal contact with our friends and relatives. Lone wolves do not make it in the world today.

Chat rooms on most Internet Service Providers are crammed full of people. Personal ads number in the millions. Lonely people looking for a friend.

Many lonely people are from broken marriages, or marriages so scarred by neglect of a spouse who is a couch potato, or spends their time chasing after the rat race we live in.

The divorce rate in the United States is very high. Some estimate that over 50% of marriages fail. And of those who stay together, many are unhappy and stay together for the sake of the children. Then when the kids are grown, the split takes place. Loneliness pervades these relationships, and causes great heartache.

So is there a solution to loneliness? I believe that in America we have many solutions. Marriage seminars are everywhere. Self help books fill our bookstores. Marriage counselors are in almost every town. If you are in a broken relationship, perhaps there is help for you.

If your marriage is broken beyond repair, get involved with volunteer work at your church or social organization. Hospitals and nursing homes are filled with people who would just like to have a visit from anyone who is friendly.

Today, you might want to call a friend or relative who is lonely. When you go to church or a social event do you always hang out with people you know? Step out of your comfort zone, and go talk to that person standing by himself or herself. Make a special effort to repeat their name two or three times when you first talk with them. People like to hear their name. Perhaps you would want to invite this new friend to a meal in your home.

Perhaps you might want to read my article on encouragement. 

If you are lonely today, I hope you will make friends with someone new. If you know someone who is lonely, I hope you will be their friend.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17

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