My Mission Statement

In Luke 4: 18,19, Jesus stated his mission statement.

"Preaching good news to the poor, proclaim freedom for the prisoners, and recovery of sight for the blind, and to release the oppressed, and to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor."

I thought to myself sometime ago, that this is the perfect mission statement for our world today.

Why not make that my mission statement.

I did.

America is indeed a prisoner to debt, and most folks that have money are indeed poor in spirit, not trusting God in their lives. Most are blinded to the real job we have as believers, of proclaiming Him to the world.

And so God brought me into a very interesting concept, that allows me share the giving principle withthe world. Elite Activity can set people all over the world free from the financial bondage that lurks in every corner of our lives. By helping families all over the world learn about God's miracle plan of economy.
It also affords me the opportunity to direct folks to my website.  to help them learn from my mistakes and my experience over the last sixty five years.
Click this link! It is free information.

America is a prisoner to debt, and I believe God has laid it on my heart to make information available to those who need it, and to assist folks in ridding themselves of their terrible burden.

Debt usually brings stress and grief into our lives. I would love for other motivated folks to join me in this mission of helping others escape from their bondage.

I give God the glory for bringing this into my life at this time. He has blessed my business beyond measure over the last 35 years. He has taught me many lessons, that I have shared in My Web Map.  But even as I began writing these articles before I ever heard of this activity, God seems to have been at work directing my thoughts and guiding my path.

Story after story is happening to me now, about Christians from around the country, who seem to have been directed to me, so that I may help them get their "financial sight" back and release their oppression from their debt trap.

In my first few weeks in this activity. God has directed me to folks from several states who have joined with me in this adventure. I have no idea where it is going, but I do know that I want to give God credit for the many strong believers I have encountered in my brief encounter in learning the Principle of Reciprocity and the Principle of Giving.

So that is my story. Dreams Can Come True!  is my portal page. And this leads to my My Partner is a Millionaire From Virginia  is my "how to" page for folks to learn.

Some folks might misunderstand the Millionaire tag, but if they will investigate my site in depth, they will see that I do give God credit for any financial success that I have. I do have a tremendous advantage in the business world as you can see by this link. The Supreme Advantage I Have in the Business World. 

So perhaps you might like to investigate this unique activity. Email me or call me direct at 757-713-0665 for the link to this site. That is your decision. No high pressure sales talk. No hype about get rich quick schemes. Just a real solid principle that is not Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and no quotas, but just an opportunity to learn about giving to others.

You may email me for the link to this Website.

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