The Green, Green Grass of Summer!

Sep 22, 1988 Observations while doing my yard work

Several years ago, I made these notations in my Spiritual Diary, and I thought they might be useful to you. Here is how I use them. Meditation is the key. The Bible tells us to Meditate on the Scripture day and night. While this is not the Scriptures, the thoughts motivated by meditating can be referred to in the Parable of the Sower, in Mark 4, Matthew 13 and Luke 8. You might want to read those passages.

Some of these might not make any sense to you, but in many years of life and ministry, the impact upon my life has been measurable. I really hate yard work, but when I do it, I am reminded of these 23 observations.

I will let you draw your own conclusions as to how to apply these thoughts to a real setting in your life. If you want my observations, you can access this link that I have under construction 

Most of all I would like you to send me back your observations, as to how God has spoken to you.

1. I watered early in the morning, before the sun came up.

2. Water seeks it's lowest level in the valleys.

3. The grass does not grow as strong and fast on the top of the little hills and swells. It takes gentle watering to soak the ground.

4. Watering can be done much better by hand, than by turning on a sprinkler and walking away.

5. Rocks, twigs and other foreign objects impede the growth of grass.

6. Good soil tends to wash away where the grass is not growing.

7. The sun dries up the ground on the small hills, before it does in the valleys.

8. When planting a small tree in hard ground, it is helpful to dig deeper than the tree will go, and loosen the soil underneath, to give root system a head start.

9. After planting the tree, I filled in the gaps around the bottom of the tree with loosened soil.

10. While watering the tree, I took a five gallon water bucket and poured it where I planted.

11. The soil would only absorb so much, the rest ran off.

12. I learned to water slowly, not just dump the whole bucket on at a time.

13. While pulling out weeds, I noticed that ivy and some other weeds grows very quickly, and pull up easily if you don't let them grow too long. It is much harder to pull out the weeds, after they have taken root for a few weeks.

14. Weeds multiply very quickly and spread rapidly.

15. Weeding is hard work, and you get real dirty.

16. It's hands and knees work.

17. In a new lawn, it's easy to spot the weeds.

18. In an established lawn, the weeds tend to blend in, especially from a distance. Only upon a close inspection can you see the real lawn.

19. Let's think about mulching. It covers the ground around the trees, shrubs and flower beds. It hides what is trying to grow underneath.

20. It helps to pull out all the roots, before mulching, and put down a weed barrier.

21. Weeds still grow up through a barrier.

22. If grass seed gets in the mulch by accident, it will grow through the mulch very quickly.

23. A weed barrier slows it down for a while, but does not stop it.

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