My Web Map-Table of Contents
My Web Map-Table of Contents
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Hang around for a brief visit with me as you learn from my mistakes.

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Here are some titles of future articles I am working on.

My main objective in building this web site, is to tell the world about Jesus. I can echo the words of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthian church, "Oh, wretched man that I am."
I in no way want to lift up myself with this site, but to give God the glory, for changing my life, and raising my life to a higher plain, and giving me a hope for the future.

The saying has been going around for many years. "Keep the main thing, the main thing!" What is the main thing? The last words of Jesus and his last command to us, was to make disciples in every nation. I started doing this in 1960, got sidetracked a few times as the enemy got me involved with other things. (Mark 4:19), but now my "main thing" is raising up disciples one man at a time, knowing that the multiplication principle, is God's way of reaching the world.

Ask God to give you a person whom you can teach what you know about walking with Him. It is the most fulfulling thing you can do with your life. 2 John 4 and 3 John 4. Build for eternity.

If you would like to join me in this great adventure to reach the world, please email me. It is very simple. Just forward some of my pages to your email friends.

1. How I made a Million dollar mistake and survived!
This page is published on the Debt Freedom site.I am adding to it on a regular basis. 2. How to achieve Financial Security. (This article is included in the Debt Free Site) 3. How I won the battle against lust and sin! (Published in these two pages) My Exciting Escape From Prison and Catching Fish (A Story of a Blue Heron) 4. Who really is the greatest networker in the world? (Jesus is the obvious answer) 5. The Enemy---Do we really know how he operates? (Look in the Section on Spiritual Warfare.) 6. Why the enemy is in no hurry to "take you out"? ( Visit the Link on Why most men fail and do not finish the race well. 7. My experiences in claiming the promises of God! (Published in the discipleship series, Lesson #10) Discipleship Training Lesson #10-Claiming the Promises of God
8. Why do I still love to sin and am I the only Christian with this problem?(Published in this article) Catching Fish (A Story of a Blue Heron) 9. My Father wants to speak to me. (At age 71, I still do not listen to God. I pray my ears will be open all the time.) 10. If I had my life to live over again, what would I do different. (Type in Sixty Years and find my page on what I am doing about this.) 11. If Jesus were driving your car today? (And so the famous WWJD comes into focus. Let him be your co-pilot.) 12. What are you majoring in? (Already published) This site will teach you how to make disciples in a very practical way. Discipleship As A Lifestyle
13. What does it mean to be "sold out" for the Lord.(Published at this page) My Exciting Escape From Prison 14. Are you memorizing the Bible?

Table of Contents

Home Page-Link to JesusLovesMeThisIKnow.Com

God calls us all to be committed disciples. I have developed the pages below to help you grow in discipleship and multiply your efforts with others.
This site is interactive now. You may worship with me anywhere in the world. Just read this article and follow the directions to the worship page. Just think, one day we will all be around the Throne of God, singing songs like you will find at this link. My Exciting Escape From Prison

"Some practical tips for your daily walk with the Lord." New in Mar 2013

"" New in Mar 2011

"An impossible job from God." New in Mar 2011

"What Holds Us Together" New in Mar 2011

"Crabby Old Man" New in Feb 2011

"Christian One Liners" New in Feb 2011

"Purpose Driven Life Revisited" New in MAY 2008

"Stroke Identification" New in MAY 2008

"The Twelve Opossums." New in MAY 2008

"Science and God." New in Dec 2007

"God, the devil and your diet."

" Cell Phone and The Bible"

"Stress Management"

"What does love mean?"

"The Pastor and his son"

"Views on Aging"

"Prostate Biopsy"

"Twenty Dollar Bill"

"Tiny Hands"

"If You Tend To Worry A Lot, Here's A Better Plan"

"The Stranger."

"College Student"

"Lessons for Life."

"Helpful Hints for Credit Cards and Checks."

"If You Tend To Worry A Lot, Here's A Better Plan."

Things to Think About

Unconditional Love.

In the Absence of Authority

Can God Use You?

My Exciting Escape From Prison

Catching Fish (A Story of a Blue Heron)

Spiritual Warfare

Tips on Home Repair

I Wish You Enough

I can't believe I survived as a child of the fifties!

Losing All Your Marbles!

Debt Freedom

Making a new friend today!

The Empty Chair

Shake It Off and Step Up!

Miracle of Moses New in Jul 2002

The Bird Cage

Scars ( A heart touching story about a mom and her son.)

College Student! (This story will grip your heart)

That Little Manger Baby Wants To Invade Your Life!

Estate Planning

A Simpler Time

Morning and Evening (If you think you are having a bad day, please read this)

Interview With Billy Graham's Daughter

Meet Me In The Stairwell!

Where Was God On Sept 11th?

If I Were The President, What Would I Do.

Six Months Left To Live.

I've Never Been On A Cross Before!

Three Ways To Make A Million Dollars! (This article is from my commercial side of the site, but I included it here because the principles apply very much to your walk with God on a day by day basis.)

Leaving the City of Regret (Dedicated to the victims of the Hurricanes and Tornados of 1999)

Is This a Dream or Reality or the Truth?

Parable of the Fisherman

Tips on Ridding Your Life of Sin!

Let's Go Learn How to Fly an Airplane!

Mary's Little Lamb

The Middle of the Bible

Take Sixty Seconds to Pray

The Flying "V"

For Ever Is A Long, Long Time!

Discipleship As A Lifestyle!

Discipleship Training-Lesson #1-Recruiting

Discipleship Training-Lesson #2-Feeding a New Believer

Discipleship Training-Lesson #3-The Basics

Discipleship Training-Lesson #4-Prayer

Discipleship Training-Lesson #5-Daily Quiet Time

Discipleship Training Lesson #6-The Eyegate and The Eargate

Discipleship Training Lesson #7-Dealing With Discouragement

Discipleship Training Lesson #8-Getting Out of the Rat Race

Discipleship Training Lesson #9-Friendship

Discipleship Training Lesson #10-Claiming the Promises of God

Discipleship Training Lesson #11-Building your Ministry

Discipleship Training Lesson #12-Don't Be Satisfied with Mediocrity!

Discipleship Training Lesson #13-Caring for Others

Discipleship Training Lesson #14-Rescued From The Gates of Hell

Discipleship Training Lesson #15-Perseverance in the Midst of the Rat Race

Discipleship Training Lesson #16-The Soldier, the Athlete, and the Farmer!

Discipleship Training Lesson #17-Why spiritual reproduction does not work!

Discipleship Training Lesson #18-What the Topical Memory System can do for you!

I've Learned! (From Andy Rooney)

Are You Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired-Beware!

I can't believe I'm so stupid!

I'm so lonely, I sent myself some email!

The Hardest Thing About Writing This Web Site!

The Supreme Advantage That I Have In The Business World-a biblical perspective about success in the business world.

Where are you living your life today? Romans 6--7--or-- 8

Our Forsaken Roots!

The Ten Commandments of Email!

Instructions for Life

Full size picture of Jim Young and his thank you note!

The Most Powerful Person in the World

How To Quit Smoking!

A Little Boy's Blood

All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Noah's Ark

Brushing an Old Man's Hair

Keys To Business Success (Funny)

The Brick

If I Were The Devil

Does Secret Sin Affect Other People?

The Main Reason Why Christians Fail!

Life's Lessons I learned from the wisest man in the world!

A Personal Story about Jim Young

A Very Happy Easter Story

Tips and Tricks-Lots of fun ideas that have absolutely nothing to do with anything. But fun to look at!

A Millionaire's Story-Why I am a Millionaire (and I give God the credit for that) and most people will not pay the price to become one!

The Green Green Grass of Summer-a personal look at my devotional life as I reflect upon working in my yard!

Observations on the Green Green Grass.

What I Am Going To Do With The Next Sixty Years of My Life!

Moonlight Ride-a poem about teenage irresponsibility!

Why most men do not finish the race well!

Big Rocks in a Jar (A most important look at Scripture Memory habits)

Barnabas, where are you when I need you?

Almost out of Gas? Stop at the Filling Station!

How God Got Me To Trust In Him

"It's Official! Rats 12----Me 3!"

Knock, Knock, Knock, "It's Billy Graham!"

I Dreamed I Had An Interview With God

How Do I Know There is Really a God?

Lyin', Cheatin' and Stealin'

What Are You Feeding Yourself Today?

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