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Let me give you a thumbnail sketch about my life. I am 63 year old businessman from Yorktown, Virginia.
I spent 13 and a half years in the USAF, and got out in 1971. Back then I couldn't even spell entrepreneur, but now I ARE ONE HA HA
I started out selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners in 71 and did real well. Sold 6 in one day in Va Beach, and set a record that still stands. But being a dirt remover did not appeal to me to much, so I ventured into the construction business.

I started hanging sheet rock. Man what a lot of work. Hard, Hard Work. That stuff is heavy. Anyway, God smiled down on me, and prospered that business, and after a few years I was grossing over a million dollars a year in business. What a lot of work. Wow!!

Well, Uncle Sam liked me too, and he was happy I was successful. I plunked down 150 grand in taxes one year to feed all those poor Senators and Congressmen in Washington. Fortunately, these same folks who I was feeding had made some tax laws to give us some legal loopholes. So I entered the lucrative field of being a real estate investor.

Making a long story short, and eliminating the nightmare stories of flooded toilets, and skipped out tenants, I now have 35 properties valued at over 3 million dollars. Got a bunch of them paid off now, and have a plan to pay off the rest in five years. But that is another story. (You may ask me about that later if you wish). I worked hard to get a positive cash flow on all of these properties, and even opened my own mortgage company, to finance these properties for some folks. That was great, now that these nice people can bring me money every year for thirty years. My, how I love this country. Needless to say, I do show each of them how they can pay off this loan early, but unfortunately, most never do.

Well after turning two businesses into Million Dollar Enterprises, and creating a nice residual income for myself, I got a little bored, and decided to venture out and do some other things.

Ahhhhhhh, THE INTERNET!!! I was trapped. The first few months, I was mesmerized by this Bill Gates thing, and then as I spent more and more time on it, I saw the tremendous amount of money being made by a lot of people with this new medium.

Wow! People actually do sit and type, and talk to you, and are searching for answers to problems in their lives.

Two big problems emerged as I chatted with folks. Money and Relationships. Folks were looking for a way to make ends meet, and were looking for a friend. Many had broken homes and broken hearts.

My task ahead of me was......How do I help these folks, without sounding like a money grabbing guy, who is out for his own self satisfaction. I can honestly say, that I sincerely desire to help people, and have had much success with that in the past. How do I do that?? One way is to share my failures. Yes FAILURES! I have had many, but I usually don't fail twice at the same thing. It is a thrill to me to help people not make the same mistakes that I made.

But alas, we are a busy people, and we seldom take time to smell the roses anymore. Let alone, pick one and give it to someone we love.

So bottom line! Internet Commerce is on the rise. Get rich schemes abound. I have discovered a couple of programs where you actually make money.

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