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Many years ago, I obtained my flight instructor's license. Let me take you through a scenario about how I teach people to fly. Then perhaps you will like to sign up for my flying course.

First thing I want you to do is to go out to the airport and rent a plane. Then take it out and taxi it around the parking lot for a little while and get the feel of it. Then taxi out on the runway and do a few turns around the traffic pattern.

Then when you feel like you have that down pretty good, take it for a short cross country ride about 100 miles away. Be sure and not get lost. Probably a good idea to take your cell phone with you so you can call me if you need any instructions.

After you reach your destination for your short cross country ride, get some gas to fill up the plane, and check the oil, if you can figure out where the dipstick is located. I think it's under the hood, but I never could figure how to get that thing up. Anyway, that is not really important if the plane starts up and runs O.K. You can tell when you are flying around if it runs out of oil, cause the engine starts making a funny noise.

O.K. now it is time for your long cross country flight. I usually tell folks just to head North and fly for a couple of hours, then start looking for a place to land it. Any old field will do. To qualify as a long cross country flight, you have to land two more times. Don't forget about when you land, you have to press on the brakes to slow it down, and turn off the engine. You do that with one of the floor pedals...or is it both of them. I can never remember. Just experiment around you will figure it out. The throttle to slow it down is that thing-a-ma-jig with the black round handle on it. Be careful and not pull that ejection seat handle, cause that will mess up your day!

Well, I will wait to hear from you, to see if you want to sign up for my flying course of instruction. The cost is $5000 paid in advance. I need the money to take a little refresher course myself, since I have forgotten a bunch of stuff.

Well, that is kind of a silly story isn't it? Don't think I will get a lot of $5000 checks. But I wrote the story to emphasize a point.

This kind of training takes place every week in our local churches and fellowships. We take a brand new Christian, and send them out into the "airplane" called life, and expect them to become an accomplished "pilot". We do not spend many hours with them on an individual basis, and teach them the basics of the Christian life. We just stick them in a class somewhere with a bunch of other folks and expect them to become accomplished Christian disciples. Pilot training is an intense study in learning the basic facts about aerodynamics and what makes an airplane fly, and what causes an airplane to crash.

The crashes of men and women in the Christian walk are very similar. In most cases, the reason is improper training. They have failed to learn what to do when the "motor stops running". They have not been trained to look for that "safe landing site" where they can set down for repairs. One of the objectives of mine is to compose this website,
to help folks learn how to fly the "airplane" of the Christian life. Too many folks crash and burn on the runway of life, and never get off the ground.

One of the greatest thrills of becoming a pilot of a real airplane, was getting my flight instructor certificate. Intense training was given me by another flight instructor, and it is a real neat experience to take a brand new pilot up for the first time, and watch them handle the airplane. The excitement that is generated is very much like teaching a young Christian how to fly the "ship of life". Watching them learn how to pray, learn how to study the Bible, and learn how to commit God's word to memory. I will be forever grateful for the man who gave me my start in scripture memory. He gave me a small packet of 4 memory verses, which started me on a system of scripture memory which is called

You may order from this link directly from the Navigators. Topical Memory System.
Look for my testimony at this site.

This system which can be ordered from the link above has changed my life. I continue to this day, some forty years later, with a system that allows me to hide God's word in my heart, and consistently review those verses that have meant so much to me.

I believe that one of the reasons we have so many puny Christians who are not impacting their world for Christ, is the lack of intake of the Word of God in their lives. Acts 6:7 states, "So the Word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith." You see, my friend, it is so very important to have a daily intake of the word of God into our lives. I keep my car and home radio station set on the Christian Radio station, and listen to Christian music, and as many of the radio preachers as I have time. One of my favorites on TV is Charles Stanley from Atlanta. I usually record his sermons, and review them during the week. His organization is called In Touch-The Ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley.  You can access many of his messages which have been archived on that site.

One such message on Sunday, April 9, 2000, which can be ordered from his website is message #M1287. (Since it was so long ago, you would probably have to write or email them for this valuable message. Current messages are in the archive.) The title of it is "Lessons I have learned." One of the things I have learned about discipleship training, is that usually we do not need to reinvent the wheel. There are many fine programs available to help young believers in the journey. I am partial to the Navigator training Bible Study resources, mainly because that is what worked for me. You can review these resources at The Navigator Bible Study Resource Center. 

Dr. Stanley gives us seven lessons.

1. Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.
2. Learn to trust the Lord for every single thing we need.
3. Learn to wait upon God for His direction and His timing.
4. Give generously to the Lord's work.
5. You cannot live the Christian life in your own strength. It is Christ living in you.
(You get it on Sunday, but lose it on Monday)
6. God loves us unconditionally.
7. God is in absolute control of every area of out lives.
8. Absolutely depend on the Holy Spirit for every thing.
9. Personal time of meditation with the Lord is the most important thing in your life.

So remember that you need a plan to help young believers grow in the Lord. If you are a young Christian, perhaps some articles in my site will help you develop such a plan for your life. The Bible says without a vision, the people perish. I have a specific plan and specific people in my life, that I am discipling. You may read about those plans in the many articles I have written on My Table of Contents-My Web Map. 
I would especially direct you to The Parable of the Fisherman  and to Tips on Ridding Your Life of Sin. 

And last but not least, I remain available on line or on the telephone to help you grow in your walk with the Lord. As I have said many times in my site, I have not arrived. I am a sinful man, who has committed his life to Jesus, and the only good in me is from Him. He is my life, and He sustains me.
My challenge to you is very simple. Follow me, and I will make you a fisher of men! (Or for you ladies, I will teach you to fish for ladies)
How can I boldly say that? Because that is what Jesus told us to do!


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