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Ignorance can be deadly!

Picture in your mind what you think the devil looks like. I imagine you are like me and see the little guy dressed in red, with horns, a long tail, and a pitchfork. This image has been enhanced by our time in front of the television.

He is always going around doing things to hurt people and has this evil laugh that many of us have heard in the cartoons.

We laugh at the comedies on television that make witchcraft seem like such a funny and wholesome thing. Two shows are popular right now that have the witches who all are members of the same family.

And then their is the cute little teenage witch. Of course many of us grew up with Samantha and Darren and their evil Mom and their sweet little girl witch named Tabitha.

The devil has infiltrated our minds through the television and we laugh at so called evil. We are so ignorant about how he operates, that we are caught in his snare before we even know it.

Perhaps this website will open your eyes to this evil. The Bible says very clearly, to abstain from all appearance of evil. That is pretty clear. Programs about witches, seances, voodoo, reincarnation and the like should be turned off. Watching these programs gives Satan great delight.

I can almost hear him giggling when we succumb to his tactics. The Bible also tells us to come out and be separate from the world and not touch the unclean thing. Our society has so been engulfed by the media that we are branded as fanatics and lunatics. So what! Stand up my friend for the Word of God that tells us to stay away from all this evil.

Click on the link about the names of the devil That will tell you a lot about the way he operates. My favorite name is "the accuser of the brethren". You mess up and here he comes.

"You failure", he cries, "you call yourself a Christian? You had better slink back in a corner. Shame on you!"

His words echo in our ears and in our hearts long after the deed has taken place, and he clouds out God's forgiveness and His grace.

My friend in the Lord. God is the God of instantaneous restoration. Ask Him to forgive you, and press on toward the mark.

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