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My friend from Colorado Springs told me many years ago, "Jim, the finish carpenter does not leave his hammer marks in the cabinetry." Thanks Francis Cosgrove for those words of advice.

Tips on How to Fix Things Around the Home

Crown Molding:

This molding can enhance any room. A miter box is necessary for this job. One piece crown molding is rather simple. Place the molding on the miter box upside down, at the same angle that it will be on the wall. I usually make the cut a little long so that the fit will be tight.

One little trick that you can do in a square room to keep from making those tight corner cuts, is to place a four by four block of wood in each corner. I usually make them about 6-8 inches long. That way you can just place a straight cut between each block. Then you can buy a small decorative dowel and screw it in the bottom of the block.

Shoe Molding and Base Molding

Shoe molding has to be placed around a tile or wood floor to finish the job. Depending on the job, you may use shoe molding or quarter round. You have to see how large a crack you have to cover before you purchase the material.

Base molding is rather simple to install. I use a miter box, and if you want to do a super job, learn how to use a coping saw. I learned how to do my carpenter work by watching an experienced carpenter.

Always use a nail punch to set your nails, so that they will not show after painting or staining. Do not make the punch too deep. Always feel it with your finger before you leave to go to the next board.

Replacing a door

Prehung doors are the simplist to replace. Be sure and get some shims to place in the door. Use a level to make sure the door is plumb. When nailing the door with finishing nails, do not pound them all the way in, but place one nail around the four corners, and then check to make sure the door works and is plumb. Then if it is not, you make easily take out the nails and move the door frame.

If you just need to replace the door and not the frame, you will need some special tools. Hole saws and chisels to make the door fit the frame. Keep the old door and match up the holes in the door.

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