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Yard Work

Most folks hate this part of the job. But there are many happy campers who take much pride in a pretty yard. I am one of the folks who does not like it. But I do learn many lessons from God each time I work in the yard. These pages will give you some insight into some of those things that I have learned.

A pretty lawn enhances the value and the beauty of your home. But it takes a lot of hard work. Weeds grow year round, so "Roundup" weed killer is a necessity.

I usually keep a ready supply and try to go out into the flower beds once a month and kill the weeds. It has always amazed me how fast and tall weeds can grown in a couple of weeks.

Crabgrass preventer must be applied early in the year, usually in February or March depending on where you live in the country. Usually two applications are needed. It seems like most years I always miss this deadline, and so I fight the crabgrass all summer.

Good fertilizer needs to be applied. Check your local hardware store for times and types to use.

Aerating the lawn and placing lime on the lawn are useful also. Each part of the country differs so you might want to search the local nurseries for information on this.

If you have children, it is a fun thing to do with them as a family. Also a great time to teach them some of the principles that I have outlined in my two articles.

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