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How To Do Textured Ceilings
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Use regular sheet rock joint compound in a five gallon bucket, and add about two quarts of water and mix it up where you can easily roll it on with a 3/4 nap paint roller. If it is too thin, it will fall all over you and the floor. I use a drywall mud mixer and a 1/2 drill.

I then roll the mud on the ceiling in a 8 foot square and then cross roll it to get it smooth. Sometimes you have to cut around the edges with a 6 inch drywall knife.

Then I use a round texture black bristle brush. You can buy these in most drywall supply stores. I then just stomp it in a random pattern, and you can have a flower design or run the stomps all together so no pattern is seen.

Then wipe down the sidewalls before the mud dries. Then continue on the next 8 foot square till the room is done. Overlap the stomps into the finished area so as not to leave a visible line where you stopped. When you get to the edge of each 8 foot area, stomp it out so no line shows.

You can do a circle design if you get gooooooood. Like Me. LOL.

Roll out the room completely, cross roll it, then start at the center of the room usually with a light fixture in the middle. Start walking in a circle around the light, making one stomp about every three inches. Then leave a two inch space between circles, and stomp another circle. Do this till you cover the room. When you reach the edge, you will just continue the circle into the corner, only it will be four 1/4 circles in each corner, with each line becoming smaller and smaller.

Then go around the edges of the room if you wish, and stomp a continuous pattern all around the edge.

Wipe the mess off the wall. You do not need to paint it, it will stay white for years.

I recommend and use USG Mud.

Jim Young

Of course the easiest thing to do is hire me or another professional. You will make a mess the first time you do it. Another tip is to look in the yellow pages under drywall contractors, call up the company, and find out where they are doing this, and go watch the pro and learn from him or hire him.

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