Become Debt Free In 4-9 Years
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Your Commitment
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Determination to implement this plan into your life is the vital key to make this work. Yes, it is possible to become debt free. Most people can do it in seven years or less by following a plan that has been developed by financial planners. Change three things in your mind.

1. Sit down with your entire family and make a commitment to get out of debt. Set yourself some realistic goals to do that. Information about how to do that is on this website.

2. Change your thinking about what you do with excess money once you pay off a bill. Most people just go get another bill. Do not do that, or this will not work.

3. Share your plan with another interested friend or relative who can hold you accountable. Ask them to check up on you on a regular basis. Give them a written out copy of your plan. We will teach you how to do that on this website.

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