Become Debt Free In 4-9 Years
Investing for the Future


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This page is under construction right now. I am a real estate investor, and can help you with that area of expertise. Other investment vehicles abound, and I can help you find one that will suit your needs. Most financial planners teach you to work hard on getting out of debt before you go aggressive on an investment strategy.

It does not make sense to invest your money and get a 6-8% rate of return, when you are paying 12-21% on credit cards, furniture and vehicles.

Go order those two books on Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Richest Man in Babylon. They will give you a lot of insight into investing.

Always seek the help of a professional when investing. I have lost several thousand dollars because I tried to do it on my own. Oil wells, limited partnerships and stocks are a few of the things I know nothing about, but ventured into without proper knowledge.

I lost all my money.

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