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Become Debt Free In 4-9 Years
Owning Your Own Home Based Business

Home based businesses are the lifeblood of America. Thousands of different types are available and there is probably one out there to suit you.

Eliminating your debt can be greatly accelerated by taking the legal tax writeoffs of owning your own home based business. They about all over the internet and many of your friends have their own business. Ask God if He wants you to do this. I own a wonderful home bases business. I can work from home and never have to punch the clock again. Six figure income if you work hard.

I would be happy to help you find a home based business. I do several myself, and get to meet lot's of interesting people all over the world.

Network marketing is one of the most popular home based businesses in America. Many people become network marketing junkies though, and skip from company to company, expecting to get rich quick.

That does not happen. I have written many articles on my web site about this, and there is no such thing as a free ride.

You may click on this link to read my article, "Three Ways To Make A Million Dollars".

Get rich schemes abound and you have to be careful about these. I established a criteria before I became involved with any company.

1. The company had to be at least five years old. Failure rate in new start up companies is around 90%.

2. The company had to have little or no competition. Got involved with a phone company a few years ago, and every time I would get a new customer base, they would switch to another company.

3. I had to know someone personally who had left their "regular" job and were participating in this business on a full time basis, and making a good income.

So if you want my opinion, just call me or email me.

I wish you success in your quest for Debt Freedom. I would like to pray for you if you like. I have a chart on the wall with people's names, and states, and their Debt Freedom Date. If you would like for me to do that, just send me the information.

I hope that my experience has helped you. Please visit my website when you have time and read other articles I have written.

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Thanks so much for visiting my site. I believe in prayer and if you write me and tell me your debt freedom date, I will pray for you on a regular basis.